10 Signs you are Ungrounded and What to do about It

10 Signs you are Ungrounded and What to do about It

Have you lost your equilibrium and fallen, twisting your ankle?

Several times in my life, I have fallen. Has this happened to you? If so, don't feel bad.

My mom passed recently, and the same day, I fell flat on my face on the sidewalk and hurt my foot.

Two months later, I fell again because my foot got stuck in a double hole on the grass, twisting and, spraining my ankle.

Falling, within a two-month period, I exclaimed, "Am I losing my balance? Oh my God, what is wrong with me?" My life passed before me, remembering how many times I had fallen.

I immediately searched the internet looking for the worst-case scenario. What did I find? People can be ungrounded for months-even years, especially if you're going through difficult circumstances like losing someone you love dearly.

To be ungrounded means that you are not connected to your heart, body, and soul as a unified organism. Have you felt any of these symptoms?

  • Feeling "spacey" or dizzy
  • Hard to finish tasks
  • Unable to concentrate
  • People don't seem to understand you
  • You do not understand others
  • Easily distracted, stressed, and restless
  • Staying up late or staying in bed too long in the morning.
  • Robotic mode (very practical & analytical)
  • Hyper
  • Feeling scattered

Don't look anywhere else, you're ungrounded. 

How to Get Grounded? 

Do not do what I did,  don't wait until you sprain your ankle to pay attention and get grounded. Take care of your physical body and attend to your spiritual one as well. 

First of all, look down to the floor to make sure there are no holes or stones in your way to avoid falling again. It may seem obvious but, when you bring your awareness to where you step, it’s the first “step” to become grounded. 

Keep your mind and soul in the physical world. How do you do that? 

We all are very different, and what worked for me might not work for you. So, I will list a diversity of ways to help you ground yourself.

  • Stop for a moment and breath slowly, make yourself conscious about your feelings of ungrounding until the anxiety disappears. 
  • When you start feeling that your mind is running everywhere (scattered), stop, take a minute or two to focus your attention on a point (like your hands, your breathing, or wiggling your toes) until your mind becomes calmer. This distracts your mind to something in your physical space, alleviating your anxiety. 
  • Meditate, find a guided meditation online that best suits you; one that calms your mind and body.

  • Listen to soothing music, like instrumental or Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Write your emotions in a journal. Often unloading your anxious thoughts can help you descale the situation. Once it’s on paper you can gain a new perspective and feel safe and grounded. 

  • Take breaks to do nothing. Sometimes, spending time in nature helps calm and root you in the moment. If you’re not near nature, take 12-17 seconds to breath and plant your feet on the ground. This exercise helps you focus on the present. 
  • Carry crystals that help you stay grounded and sleep with one under your pillow. Crystals we recommend: Obsidian, tiger eye, smokey quartz, and red jasper (for the root Chakra).  

Recommended Candle

If you like to burn candles while you meditate and believe in the power of the crystals, or simply want to try them we recommend the focus candle

Ingredients are red ginger saffron essence, carnelian chards, tiger eye quartz, and an orange lily. 

The red ginger saffron will provide you with a warm feeling of being safe, helping you to focus on the present. 

The carnelian promotes positive life choices and helps balance the sacral Chakra. The tiger eye, similar to a tiger's stripes, helps you focus. Tiger eye helps with your root chakra; it will make you feel protected while grounding you to the here and now. 

Finally, the orange lily symbolizes beautiful emotions such as passion, creativity and empowerment, perfect for your sacral chakra. 

Burn the candle while meditating, working, or studying, and use the tiger eye to keep on you to help ground yourself and stay focused. 

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