About Us

Lady Dragonfly is a mother (Gryselle) and daughter (Victoria) venture, born from the need of both to alleviate their anxiety. Seeking how to channel their stress, they took a candle-making class together.

For many years, Victoria struggled with anxiety and depression. During her mental health journey, her mom saw candle-making as an activity that could help them, but significantly help Victoria channel her anxiety.

Suddenly, boxes with candle-making kits and materials appeared at the front door. Victoria began crafting candles with crystals that helped her feel better. She found a taste for manifesting intentions into a physical candle and started giving them away as Christmas presents to co-workers.

The testimonials started pouring in, "I love the smell,"

"The candle you gave me helped me to gain focus working from home" "My wife was struck by the smell; she loved it; where can I buy them?" At that moment, they both realized that selling candles could be their small business, and that's how Lady Dragonfly was born. 

Several prototypes later, essences, until they arrived at the high-quality products and meticulous designs seen on the website today. Victoria saw in candle making a way to mix her love for spirituality and mental health with her artistic nature. Combined with mom's knowledge of quartz and crystals, they built intention candles for healing and manifestation. 

Victoria takes her time to find sustainable materials, and mom is the nose of the company, giving the final design approval. Every candle design has undergone many changes and will continue to change to give the best quality products to our customers.   

In the short time that Lady Dragonfly has opened, it has helped many women attract peace, focus, & self-love. Spirituality and healing are at the forefront of our company motto, 

                                              "Together We Heal."

What's in the Box?

We are so excited to be launching our subscription boxes!

You'll get one 5oz candle with 1 small crystal sphere with it's holder, one small crystal tower, affirmations and much more for the mothly fee of $39.99.

We are putting all the pieces together and want to let you know when we launch!

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