12/23 Capricorn New Moon

12/23 Capricorn New Moon

This new moon in Capricorn set on 12/23 has a similar theme to the energies around the solstice in reference to being your most authentic self.

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. It's a masculine energy merging with the feminine energies of the moon.

This sign has a lot to do with worn, safety, security, and responsibility. Also, Saturn is the master of karma and the ancestral plane.

What does this mean for you?
This new moon is giving you the space to heal your past (or childhood) trauma.

It's asking you to redefine what success means to you. Release this false picture of success based on your parents' or grandparents' experiences. The new moon in Capricorn is asking you to have a one-on-one conversation with yourself and let go of past experiences that are weighing you down. Especially limiting beliefs around money.

Take this time to set your goals according to your, present-day situation and values. Be kind to yourself and take it one step at a time.

📝 Writing prompts to help you:

📓 What are the 3 things I am most passionate about?
📓 What are 5 beliefs around money I have that I have learned through my parent's or others' experience?



  • I have a great relationship with money.
  • Money comes easily to me without effort and in unexpected ways.
  • My trauma doesn't define me. I am free to make my own choices according to my personal values.

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