How to Manifest Your Goals with Full Moon Meditation

How to Manifest Your Goals with Full Moon Meditation

Lunar energy is potent and has a direct reflection on our daily lives. The full moon is one of the most powerful times for manifestation.

While every moon phase expresses its energy, the full moon's energy is the most profound, as it contains both energizing and neutralizing abilities.

In this article, you'll learn how to set intentions for the full moon, utilize its energy within your practice, and learn the benefits of this moon phase. 

How to Set Your Intentions for the Full Moon

Your intention is one of the most important aspects of utilizing the full moon's energy. It's the perfect time for clearing away anything that no longer serves you. It's also great for energizing any passions or goals you have for the future. Reflect on where you're currently and identify anything you wish to let go of or find inspiration in a goal or idea. It can help to write these goals down on paper, so you can reflect on them during the full moon. 

How To Use the Power of The Full Moon to Manifest My Intention

There are many ways to use the full moon's energy for manifestation. 

1. Meditation: 

You're empowering your reality by meditating on your intentions. Doing so under the full moon adds an extra charge to your intentions, helping them manifest more quickly.

If you can, meditate and visualize outside under the moonlight. If that isn't possible, look for a place on the northeast side of your house (use a compass to guide you), sit comfortably in a quiet area, and start breathing exercises.

Write your intention, get a glass jar, and fill it with distilled or spring water. Set jar or glass outside (balcony, window) under the full moon. Place the candle next to the jar (keeping them at a safe distance). Before lightning, put your hands around the candle, keep positive thoughts, and look inward. Visualize your intention and give power to the moonstone inside the candle.

Lite the Full Moon candle for an hour every day for a week, three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after. Use a candle snuffle to put out the flame (do not blow it off). If, within those seven days, the candle has not finished burning, continue burning until it safely burns out completely. While it is burning, keep the vision 

of your intention. Take any remaining wax and bury it at the foot of a healthy tree, returning it to the earth. ( Our wax is made of 100% soy and is biodegradable). 

2. Candle Magic:

A great way to set intentions under the moonlight. The Full Moon Candle from Lady Dragonfly is perfect for any full moon. Lady Dragonfly's candle contains crystals that help ignite your intentions and can multiply the full moon's effects. You can burn your candle for the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon for added benefit.

3. Moon water:

The full moon's energy. Water absorbs lunar energy, which you can use to charge your intentions. Find a bottle or glass of water and tape a piece of paper with your intentions onto the vessel. Set it out under the full moon as it charges the water. Many people drink daily, reminding themselves of the intentions set. It can also be used to water your plants or clean your home.

What Not to Do on a Full Moon

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by your emotions or negative thoughts during a full moon. The moon brings up old energies, helping to release them from your being. As these come to the surface, you may experience them just as they're ready to let go. Try to maintain a sense of peace and allow these feelings to be felt, as this is the only way you can truly let go of them. 

Benefits of the Full Moon

Overall, the full moon is a powerful time when you can expect to feel its energy within your daily life. Here is a list of full moon benefits: 

● Clearing away old emotions. 

● Ending relationships that no longer serve you. 

● Helping you feel more energized. 

● Fills you with creative ideas and potential. 

● Helps you become aware of negative thoughts and beliefs. 

● Promotes abundance. 

● It can help tap into your femininity. 

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