Intention candles-choosing a candle is the first step into manifesting your hearts desires, goals and aims.

How to Use Intention Candles to Manifest Self Love

Lady Dragonfly was created out of a need to calm down the anxiety and distress of the co-owner's daily jobs. Candles have always been part of their lives, and they have seen how the power of a good heart and an honest intention can become real.

Many people see lighting a candle as an act of magic. I do not differ with them, but I see magic as a strong feeling of believing in what you ask for; and more importantly, to state as if it has already happened.

When I traveled to Peru several years ago, I realized how powerful is the power of "now". I met a Shaman that mentioned to the group of people that were traveling with me that the mistake that people make is to ask the universe for things they do not believe they will become reality, they don't ask from their heart, nor as if they have already received and most importantly, they do not express gratitude for have received them already.

So, when you light a candle, it is important that you're clear on the intention you want to manifest. For example, those that need to learn to love themselves first, they can manifest it using our self-love candle.

Self-love has a combination of elements that can assist in learning to love yourself. Lavender to help you relax within the tranquility of silence. Vanilla helps evoke a feeling of simplicity and embellishment. Fluorite shards to help you flow in flux and harmony, assisting in transmuting negative into positive energy and promoting clarity of mind. Rose Petals to sooth the heart & emotions of the past to help you move on and enjoy the present moment. Renewing and celebrating life & good fortune.

 Forget Me Not flower, bring true love and respect to yourself. For if you don't love yourself, you cannot expect others to love you fully.

Finally, the Amethyst, dispels anger, rage, fear & the anxiety to bring ground yourself in the here & now, the tranquility & composure needed to learn to love oneself again with serenity of mind no matter what had happened in the past.

When you light a self-love candle, you need to be clear about what emotion or situation from the past you need to heal, so you can move on and live for today. For example, let's say that you have never had a true friend. That might have been because you tell people what you see wrong in them or their relationships without thinking if they are ready to listen to the truth you see, and they don't.

That causes you to lose friends and live a lonely life, or maybe be surrounded by friends that are not real (fake). Now you realize that it is time to heal from the bad decisions of the past, you are ready to find new friends and learn from experiences. Therefore, it is time to pardon yourself and start loving you, so others love you back. You are ready to light the self-love candle with intention.

Self-love means to have a high regard for yourself, and that comes many times from healing from bad experiences. When you are ready, to light your self-love candle.

Take it in your hands, press it against your heart and visualize yourself surrounded by love, looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling happy about what you see. Love is a feeling that comes from your heart to the outside world and reflects in the way you act towards yourself and how others see and perceive you.

The candle is that instrument that you are using to pour all your love and as you light it, that energy will expand and touch everyone and everything you come in contact with today and every day.

As you have read above, our candle names are designed for our customers to look inside themselves, and find their personal or professional purpose in life and select the one or ones that will help them identify what their goal searching is.

However, choosing the candle is just the first step in manifesting your goals. Your goal does not become instantly tangible because you light up a candle.

Why do you think that is? 

Let me tell you what we think it symbolizes to light a candle; an intention has to be expressed; it doesn't really matter whether written or said.

Do you remember, how many times before you blow out your birthday candles, people shout out, make a wish? Legend has it that people believe that the smoke from the candles would carry wishes to the gods or goddesses that lived in the skies, so they could make them a reality.

That wishful thinking and all the love and strength you put in blowing that candle makes it an intention candle.

Everything you do in life, whether finishing a career, baking a cake, or cooking dinner, starts with an intention, which comes with an extraordinary ingredient called "feeling," others call it "love."

                                      "Together we heal."

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