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Lady Dragonfly Apothecary

Bad Vibes Away

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  • Sage, pineapple, sea salt, and orchid essence
  • Rue herb
  • Black obsidian crystal
  • Color blue gray 

Candle Information:

When burning your candle, allow enough time for the wax to melt completely across the entire surface before extinguishing the flames. This prevents tunneling.

Always burn your candle within sight and out of reach from furry animals and children.

To prevent heat build-up and burning, we recommend not burning your candle longer than 4 hours at a time. 

After burning, allow enough time for your candle to cool before touching or moving it. 

Manifestation Properties:

The bad vibes away candle's purpose is to ward off any external bad vibes in your environment or any projections upon you.

Sage, sea salt, and rue herb have natural cleansing properties, warding away negativity. Pineapples and orchids bring good vibes and positivity.

This combination complements each other to dispel negativity and simultaneously brings peace and harmony.

Obsidian crystal is a volcanic black stone that has grounding properties. It also is a protective stone, forming an energetic shield around you, blocking out any toxic energies.

About our candles: 

Contains Crystals

8 fl oz all-natural hand-poured 100% soy candles.

Hand-poured candles release fewer amounts of soot and do not accumulate on walls or other surfaces of your home.

Made with Eco wick, all-natural hand-poured.

Vessel colors and styles are subject to change

Total Burn time 72 hours


Remove large crystals as it begins to expose the wax. Ensure the wick is not lit when doing so. Use a spoon or similar object. Crystal will be hot; handle with caution.

Cut wick when you see a mushroom-like top hours after putting out the flame to avoid the oil entering the air and turning into black soot.


Any advice under the Lady Dragonfly brand does not substitute professional medical assistance. 

All candles have the same ingredients, but the vessels/design may vary.