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Lady Dragonfly Apothecary

Healing Candle

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💚 Cedarwood Essence
💚 Chamomile
💚 Green Aventurine
💚 Amethyst
💚 Rose Quartz

Candle Information:

When burning your candle, allow enough time for the wax to melt entirely across the entire surface before extinguishing the flames. It prevents tunneling.

Always burn your candle within sight and out of reach from furry animals and children.

To prevent heat build-up, we recommend not burning your candle longer than 4 hours at a time. 

After burning, allow enough time for your candle to cool before touching or moving it. 

Manifestation Properties:

Cedar wood is a sacred smudge smoke used in Shamanic works to clean out negative energies and feed one's spiritual strength. It's one of the oldest incents used in many religions throughout history.

It's used in the healing candle to clear past projections, negative experiences, and limiting beliefs that have congested your heart space. Furthermore, it strengthens your faith in yourself and the fact that no matter the situation you may be in, the universe has your back & everything will work itself out.

Chamomile is a naturally relaxing herb, but. It's also a powerful one. It symbolizes peace, tranquility, and harmony. Not only that, but it's also known to represent the rebirth of something new or renewal. The intention behind it is to help you heal your past and begin a new one. Candles are powerful tools that help amplify your natural gift to manifest.

Green Aventurine is a stone that promotes physical ailments and emotional issues and balances the heart chakra. Assist with circulation, stimulating life-giving energy throughout the body 

Amethyst is one of my favorite stones, and I mention it A LOT! It's a stone of transformation, and what better stone to pair the herb of renewal with? It amplifies positivity and transforms any gunk that can accumulate in our space into healing energy.

Along with the green aventurine, it helps heal the heart chakra. This stone has a soothing natural energy that helps calm anxiety, anger, and other tumultuous emotions. Its green color closely resembles the heart chakra, helping you heal that section of your energy. It also assists with healing in the body by unclogging bundles of negativity.

Altogether these elements make the healing candle the perfect tool to help you clear and heal past hurts, self-deprecating thoughts, and projections.

Remember, every magician needs their tools, but in the end, only they hold the true magic at their fingertips.

About our candles:

Contains Crystals

8 fl oz all-natural hand-poured 100% soy candles.

Hand-poured candles release fewer amounts of soot and do not accumulate on walls or other surfaces of your home.

Made with Eco wick that offers good burning stability.

Vessel colors and styles are subject to change

Burning time:  72 hours


Remove large crystals as it begins to expose the wax. Ensure the wick is not lit when doing so. Use a spoon or similar object. Crystal will be hot; handle with caution.

Cut wick when you see a mushroom-like top hours after putting out the flame to avoid the oil entering the air and turning into black soot.


Any advice under the Lady Dragonfly brand does not substitute professional medical assistance. 

All candles will have the same ingredients, but vessels/design may vary.